Permanent Magnet

Permanent Magnet

Diamond Equipment supplies TRIO’s Permanent Magnets. TRIO’s powerful self-cleaning permanent magnets are suspended overhead, mounted in heavy-duty steel frames and traversed by a heavy-duty armored belt running on two pulleys. The magnets require no electric power and the belts can be driven either by electric or hydraulic power.
  • Overhead-suspended, self-cleaning permanent magnets
  • Heavy-duty steel frames
  • Two pulley design
  • Electric or hydraulic motors
  • Magnet requires no electrical source
  • 300 FPM belt speed (variable)
  • Stainless steel armored belting
  • Cross-belt and in-line configurations
  • Mixed Demolition Debris
  • Crushed or broken concrete
  • Hard rock crushing
  • Mixed solids at MRF facilities
  • Shredded tires
  • Organic compositing
  • One-year warranty
  • Continuing service commitment
  • Global distribution
  • Rapid delivery
  • Off-the-shelf parts
  • Superior quality
  • Advanced materials & processes
  • Improved service life of critical components
  • Lower maintenance & operating costs
Design standards

TG Series Gyratory crushers have a specially designed heavy duty frame, large size main shaft assembly, and an outstanding bearing assembly. Advanced design techniques are used to design the crushing chamber for an optimized solution relative to a customer's specific application needs. Eccentric throw can be modified or selected to match specific demands relative to desired throughput and ore characteristics.
Design ratingsTG4265 120,000 kg
TG5065 150,000 kg
TG5475 305,000 kg
Size range/-dimensionsTG4265
Feed Opening = 1,065 mm

Feed Opening = 1,270 mm

Feed Opening = 1,370 mm
Pressure class/-power ratingTG4265 325kw / 500hp
TG5065 325kw / 500hp
TG5475 450kw / 600hp
Temperature rangeN/A
CapacityTG4265 1,585 to 3,135 mtph
TG5065 1,835 to 3,295 mtph
TG5475 2,100 to 3,850 mtph