Enduron® vibrating screens can accommodate most minerals processing applications with screens ranging from light duty sizing and dewatering through to heavy duty banana screens.

Enduron® vibrating screens are quality machines providing exceptional screen process performance in a wide range of applications. Enduron® linear motion screens offer a screening solution with low headroom requirement and less pegging of screen media when compared with circular or elliptical motion screens.
Using linear motion screens results in a lower installed cost as well as the ability to better control the travel rate across the screen, resulting in improved screen efficiency.

Enduron® Dewatering Screens

These screens incorporate a sloping, curved back deck section. Slurry is fed uniformly along the top of this back section, which acts as a vibrating drainage panel. The main deck slopes upward at 3°- 5° and is fitted with slotted apertures.

Enduron® Single and Double Deck Banana Screens

The development of the banana screen concept is a major innovation in screening technology, essentially because of its exceptionally high throughput per unit screening area. Banana screens are a high capacity, high velocity machine with low bed depth leading to greater efficiencies and throughput by allowing quicker stratification of the material bed.

Enduron® Single and Double Deck Horizontal Screens

Ranging from 0.6m (2.11’) to over 4.2m (14’) wide, and up to 10m (32’) in length, these single or double deck screens are popular in a variety of applications including coal sizing, DMS drain and rinse applications. Excitation is via twin out-of-balance exciters and screens may be fitted with modular rubber/polyurethane or woven/wedge wire media.

Typical Screen Applications:
  • Classification (sizing): Material is separated based on size.
  • Dewatering: Removal of process water from the ore.
  • Heavy Media Recovery (drain and rinse): Medium recovery for reuse in the process (e.g. Ferrosilicon or Magnetite).
  • Scalping: Removing coarse material during primary and secondary crushing.
  • Trash Removal: Screening of grit, wood and oversize material.
  • Grading: Preparing of products with varying size ranges.
  • Desliming: Removal of -500 μm material.