Linatex Rubber


Linatex® rubber products provide superior wear performance in the toughest abrasion environments. The Linatex® rubber product range — Premium wear resistant rubber for sliding and wet abrasion service

Cost of Wear
Linatex® natural rubber products demonstrate exceptional performance over time in both wet and dry applications.
Although the initial up front costs of using Linatex® premium rubber might be slightly higher than some conventional rubber alternatives, the superior performance of Linatex® premium rubber may result in a lower total cost of ownership, so that Linatex® rubber products pay for themselves over and over again.
Technology benefits
The processing of natural rubber from natural latex encompasses two distinct operations. The compounding and coagulation of the latex into uncured rubber crepe, and the pressing and curing of the uncured rubber into finished sheets. For decades these processes have been accomplished by processing individual batches of product which, even with the utmost care, increases the potential for batch to batch variation.
Our state of the art rubber processing facility achieves three key aims:
1. A 100% commitment to the preservation of
superior natural rubber properties.
2. High technology automated processes, allowing
improvements in volume and output.
3. Continuous processing, allowing better control,
higher tolerances and improved consistency over
batch processing.
The process is fully automated. Coagulation of the compound latex is now heat assisted and the drying of the crepe is accomplished using microwave energy, all within a single computer controlled process.
Advanced Continuous Press Technology
As the compounded uncured rubber moves from the process operation to the pressing phase, the thickness of each sheet is digitally controlled to achieve thickness and uniformity which is consistently repeatable, or changeable according to

The Linatex® rubber product range — Premium wear resistant rubber for sliding and wet abrasion service

Linatex® premium rubber: A 95% natural rubber product manufactured using a proprietary Liquid Phase Compounding process, that exhibits outstanding resilience, strength and resistance to cutting, tearing and abrasion. With Linatex® premium rubber there is no equivalent.
Linatex® HM rubber: Modified version of Linatex® premium rubber with added dry abrasion and chemical resistance.
Linatex® VS rubber: Wear resistant uncured rubber for fine slurry applications.

The Linard® rubber product range — Developed for applications where heavy duty impact and wear resistance is required

Linard® 60 rubber: A silica reinforced natural rubber product uniquely designed to provide high resilience with good cut, tear, and abrasion resistance. Suitable for moderate impact, wet or dry, wear and skirting applications where abrasion and sticking are issues.
Linard® HD and HDS rubbers: Linard® HD60, HD70, and HDS rubber sheets are found in applications where only the toughest and hardest rubber survive. Formulated to withstand severe abrasion in dry or humid conditions. Particularly suited to high impact, heavy duty applications where cutting and tearing is a primary cause of wear.

The Linagard® rubber product range — Developed for use in specialized, harsh environments where more than abrasion resistance is required

Linagard® NBR rubber: Nitrile based rubber specifically formulated for excellent abrasion resistance in the presence of oils and chemicals.
Linagard® FG rubber: A natural rubber compound manufactured from FDA (Food and Drug Administration 177.2600) approved ingredients. It is designed for applications requiring safe long term food contact and wear resistance.
Linagard® OSR rubber: The new generation of rubber developed specifically for the oil sands industry. Provides oil, chemical and weather resistance in addition to unmatched abrasion resistance.
Linagard® BB rubber: A halogenated butyl that has been formulated to provide excellent protection for aggressive chemical and high temperature applications.
Linagard® OZ rubber: A natural rubber vulcanized and formulated for excellent resistance to UV light and ozone attack.

General Service

MA45 rubber: A natural rubber compound for general purpose applications such as gaskets and seals, dust curtains, tank and pipe linings, chute and hopper linings, ballistic sheets, etc.

Lining and Fabricated Products

Linatex® rubber products are extremely versatile and suitable as protective lining for a variety of surfaces to minimize wear and corrosion of the base structure.

Typical lining applications include:

Chute lining
Pipe lining
Vessel lining
Hose construction