Log Washer Part List

Check our Tuff Cast and Duraform high quality and cost effective parts for all your washing equipment. Our parts are specially designed to fit EIW and TRIO designed equipment. We also supply Superior Ind. Greystone replacement parts.
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Diamond Part # Description New EIW Part # Old EIW Part#
TB03341 Paddle Tip W/Bolt (36″ Log) B03341 B3341
TB03367 Paddle Base W/Bolt (36″ Log) B03367 B3367
TB05761 Paddle BladeOne Piece W/Bolt (36″ Log) B05761 B5761
TB06126 Stub Shaft w/Bolts B06126 B6126
TB06127 Mounting Ring w/Bolts B06127 B6127
TB06129 Bearing Housing w/Bolts B06129 B6129
TB17795 Spider W/Cap Screws & Lockwire B17795 B17795
TD02233 Left Hand Paddle Support (36″ Log) D02233 D2233
TD02237 Right Hand Paddle Support (36″ Log) D02237 D2237
TD09090 Gasket D09090 D9090
TD09109 Gasket D09109 D9109
TD09115 Clamp Plate w/Bolts D09115 D9115
TD09116 Bearing Seal D09116 D9116
TD09575 Gasket D09575 D9575
TD09876 Slinger D09876 D9876
TD12925 Bearing D12925 D12925
TD12926 Bearing Sleeve Assembly D12926 D12926
TD26461 Donut Seal D26461 D26461
TD30877 Stainless Steel Wear Sleeve D30877 D30877
TD32751 Gasket (14) D32751 D32751
TA08286 Outboard Bearing Assembly (Complete) A08286 A8286
Diamond Part # Description New EIW Part # Old EIW Part#
TB08435 Paddle Tip W/Bolt (44″ Log) B08435 B8435
TB08666 Paddle Base W/Bolt (44″ Log) B08666 B8666
TB08438 Paddle Support (44″ Log) B08438 B8438
TB08499 Paddle Support (44″ Log) B08499 B8499
TB09571 Stub Shaft w/Bolts B09571 B9571
TB09575 Bearing Housing w/Bolts B09575 B9575
TB09601 Mounting Ring w/Bolts B09601 B9601
TB18034 Spider W/Cap Screws & Lockwire B18034 B18034
TD12782 Bearing Seal D12782 D12782
TD14384 Donut Seal D14384 D14384
TD14392 Slinger D14392 D14392
TD14393 Stainless Steel Wear Sleeve D14393 D14393
TD14445 Clamp Plate W/Bolts D14445 D14445
TD14446 Gasket D14446 D14446
TD14447 Gasket D14447 D14447
TD14448 Gasket D14448 D14448
TD14450 Bearing D14450 D14450
TD14451 Bearing Sleeve Assembly D14451 D14451
TD32750 Gasket (8) D32750 D32750
TD32751 Gasket (14) D32751 D32751
TA13479 Outboard Bearing Assembly (Complete) A13479 A13479